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Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine
  • Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine
  • Moringa Leaves Drying Machine
  • Mesh Belt Moringa Leaves Dryer
  • Continuous Moringa Leaves Dryer
  • Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine

Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine

Product description:
The moringa leaves dryer machine is used to dry various herbal, fruit and vegetables. Guoxin offers moringa leaves dryer with factory price and various capacities.

We are offering Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine to our clients.

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This kind of moringa leaves dryer machine can meet the demand of mass continuous production. During the drying process, the nutrition and color of the product can be retained, which can meet the market demand.

Moringa Leaves Drying MachineMoringa Leaves Drying MachineMoringa Leaves Drying Machine

Structure Composition of Moringa Leaves Dryer:

1. Feeder conveyor with distributor: it can make the input wet material enter into moringa leaves drying machine more evenly,preventing adhesion;
2. S304 stainless steel mesh: it have no any pollute for raw material and dried product ,during drying period.
3. Motor: we adopt to the china famous brand motor for moringa leaves drying machine,so it can use long life time;
4. Transmission device: it can keep the chain and gear running more stable and good performance;
5. Fan: big wind volume,one side keep hot air contact with wet material with hot air from burner,the other side it can keep moisture from wet material evaporate faster;
6. Prevent leakage board: can prevent some materials from leaking out of the mesh, to avoid the reduction of production;
7. Output conveyor: we adopt to the PVC conveyor,it is clean and safety for dried material product.

Moringa Leaves Drying MachineMoringa Leaves Drying MachineMoringa Leaves Drying Machine

Our moringa leaves dryer machine is very popular overseas, if you want to know more about the parameters of the machine details or video, please feel free to leave a message to us.

The Technical Parameter Of Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine:

Model GX-6 GX-8 GX-9 GX-10 GX-12
Layer 4
Drying temperature 0~120℃
Drying time 0.1~5hours
Moisture reduce 85%~8%(customized)
Drying area 29m² 45m² 51m² 57m² 69m²
Total power 14.55kw 19.25kw 19.95kw 26.95kw 27.75kw
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 6000*2200*2300 mm 8000*2200*2300 mm 9000*2200*2300 mm 10000*2200*2400 mm 12000*2200*2400 mm
The above parameters are for reference and we can accord to your detail requirements supply best solution.

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