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  • 15 years export experience

  • 25exporting countries

  • 120customers source

Customer Service is a top priority for all of us at Guoxin machinery.
Our aim is not only to provide high quality products to our customers, we also want to impress clients with our professional and honest service which in turn helps us to build our company's reputation and brand image...
  • Pre-sale services
    a. Professional engineer design the production line for you.
    b.Recommend suitable equipment according to your special demand.
    c.24 hours online consulting services.
    d.The machine can be customized services.
  • Middle Sales Service
    a.Pre-check the products before delivery.
    b.Send technicians to the working sites for guiding the installation and adjustment.
    c.Training operators and finishing the check to satisfy your requirement.
  • Post-sales service
    a.Common problem can be solved through web in 24 hours,complex problem can be reacted immediately in 24 hours and solved as soon as possible
    b.To establish long-term friendship, we will regularly contact with our customers.
    c.Technical consulting service.