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potato dryer machine
  • potato dryer machine
  • potato dryer machine
  • potato dryer machine
  • potato dryer machine
  • Continuous Potato Chips Dryer

Potato Chips Mesh Belt Dryer

Product description:
This potato chips dryer machine has the characteristics of high yield and low cost, and can be customized according to customer needs.

We are offering Potato Chips Mesh Belt Dryer to our clients.

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The Potato chips dryer is a continuous, mesh belt dryer, can meet the processing requirements of large quantities of dried potatoes, preserve the inherent quality and nutrition of potatoes.The potato chips drying process without any pollution, to ensure that the potato chips after drying in line with food hygiene standards.
A variety of box material can be selected:
Stainless steel, Stoving varnish, Colored steel.

Potato Chips Dryer


Why Are Our Potato Chips Mesh Belt Dryer So Popular?

1. High efficiency, multi-layer mesh belt structure, large drying area, high production efficiency;
2. The operation is simple, only need to set the drying parameters can automatically complete feeding, drying and discharging;
3. Good effect, automatic cycle turnover, layer by layer drying, potato chips dry evenly,high quality;
4. Low drying cost, a variety of heat sources available, according to the local energy advantages to choose, lower drying cost;
5. Multi-purpose machine, temperature control, small footprint, in addition to potatoes can also dry a variety of vegetables, fruits.

The Technical Parameter Of Potato Chips Mesh Belt Dryer:

Model GX-6 GX-8 GX-9 GX-10 GX-12
Layer 4
Drying temperature 0~120℃
Drying time 0.1~5hours
Moisture reduce 85%~8%(customized)
Drying area 29m² 45m² 51m² 57m² 69m²
Total power 14.55kw 19.25kw 19.95kw 26.95kw 27.75kw
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 6000*2200*2300 mm 8000*2200*2300 mm 9000*2200*2300 mm 10000*2200*2400 mm 12000*2200*2400 mm
The above parameters are for reference and we can accord to your detail requirements supply best solution.

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