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Hawthorn drying machine
  • Hawthorn drying machine
  • Hawthorn dryer machine
  • Continuous mesh belt dryer
  • Hawthorn belt dryer
  • Hawthorn drying machine

Hawthorn Drying Machine

Product description:
Hawthorn drying machine has the characteristics of large drying output, and the dried hawthorn color is good, low rate of damage, high income. It can also dry different kinds of agricultural and sideline products.

We are offering Hawthorn Drying Machine to our clients.

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Hawthorn mesh belt drying machine is mainly composed of conversion furnace, mesh belt cross flow dryer, electronic control system and other auxiliary components.

Converter furnaces provide heat;
The mesh belt cross-flow dryer is the main body of the drying equipment, which is composed of a body and a multi-layer conveyor belt;
The electronic control system controls the starting, running and stopping of the entire equipment.

With the cooperation of other auxiliary components, the drying equipment completes the feeding, drying and discharging processes of hawthorn, and realizes the drying and processing of hawthorn.

Hawthorn drying machine

Working Principle of Hawthorn Drying Machine:

Hawthorn enters from the top, and the thickness of hawthorn laying material is controlled by the automatic spreader. Under the drive of the net belt, the hawthorn moves from the top to the bottom.In running, hawthorn has the process of falling for many times, make hawthorn turns over more thoroughly, dry more even.The dried hawthorn is discharged from the bottom outlet, and the high temperature and hot air are fully contacted in this process to achieve the dry effect.

Hawthorn drying machinehawthron drying machinehawthron drying machine

Hawthorn drying machine - Product Features
1. Short cycle, large output, no pollution in the drying process.
2. Heat and mass exchange is uniform and sufficient.
3. Energy saving, pure hot air automatic circulation.
4. One machine multi-purpose, save cost and space.

The Technical Parameter Of Hawthorn Drying Machine:

Model GX-6 GX-8 GX-9 GX-10 GX-12
Layer 4
Drying temperature 0~120℃
Drying time 0.1~5hours
Moisture reduce 85%~8%(customized)
Drying area 29m² 45m² 51m² 57m² 69m²
Total power 14.55kw 19.25kw 19.95kw 26.95kw 27.75kw
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 6000*2200*2300 mm 8000*2200*2300 mm 9000*2200*2300 mm 10000*2200*2400 mm 12000*2200*2400 mm
The above parameters are for reference and we can accord to your detail requirements supply best solution.

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