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Bay Leaves Heat Pump Dryer
  • Bay Leaves Heat Pump Dryer
  • Bay Leaves Dryer
  • Bay Leaves Drying Machine
  • Laurel Leaves Dryer
  • Bay Leaves Heat Pump Dryer

Bay Leaves Heat Pump Dryer

Product description:
Bay Leaves Heat Pump Dryer can achieve mild drying, close to natural drying, automatic intelligent dehumidification.The drying process can remove the moisture from the bay leaves in time.

We are offering Bay Leaves Heat Pump Dryer to our clients.

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Bay leaf is a kind of food spice. It is spicy and fragrant with emerald green color.Usually used as a whole, it has the effect of removing the smell and invigorating the stomach and dispelling the cold. Bay leaves are processed after being picked, especially when it is dehydrated and dried.

Bay leaf dryerBay leaf dryer

How to shorten the drying cycle of bay leaves and improve the color and smell of dried bay leaves preservation, the mainstream is now using a Bay Leaves Heat Pump Dryer.
Bay leaves heat pump dryer can make different positions in the drying room leaves get the same heat, to ensure the uniformity of the material, the use of intelligent heat recovery in the whole drying and dehumidification process, so that the energy utilization rate is greatly improved.

Bay leaf dryerBay leaf dryerBay leaf dryer

Advantages of Bay Leaves Heat Pump Dryer:

1.Dry evenly, consistent color;
2.Short drying cycle, environmental protection and energy saving;
3.Strong compatibility, can be a variety of materials drying;
4.Automatic setting of temperature and humidity.

Bay leaves dryer - automatic intelligent heat pump dryer, mainly using heating host, insulation material drying room, drying car, material tray, air supply system, automatic electronic control system, etc.It loads the material through the drying car, and the hot air is sent into the drying chamber through the host end.After fully contacting and drying the materials on the drying vehicle, return to the waste heat recovery system for further heating.The drying chamber has automatic temperature control and automatic dehumidification function, suitable for drying materials of all shapes.

The Technical Parameter Of Bay Leaves Heat Pump Dryer:

Model GX-3P GX-8P GX-15P
Heat Pump Size(L*W*H)mm 1800*1000*1070 1800*1000*1300 2150*1260*1620
Drying Room Size(L*W*H)mm 3300*2000*2200 5600*2200*2700 8000*3000*2850
Rated Heating Capacity (kw) 12.25 23.2 49.65
Host Power(kw) 4 7.2 13.9
Electric heating power(kw) 6 12 24
Circulating fan power(kw) 8 x 0.25 12 x 0.25 12 x 0.75
Returning Fan power(kw) / 3 x 0.25 3 x 0.75
Humidity exhausting fan(kw) 1 x 0.25 1 x 0.25 2 x 0.25
Trolley Qty 4 6 15
Trolley size(mm) 810*860*1750 880*1200*1750 880*1200*1750
Tray Qty 96 144 360
Tray Size(mm) 430*730 600*800 600*800
Tray Material PP Polypropylene/Stainless Steel

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