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grape dryer
  • grape dryer
  • grape dryer
  • grape dryer
  • grape dryer
  • grape dryer

Raisin Heat Pump Dryer

Product description:
The grape dryer adopts professional air energy internal circulation,high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, It can make the raisin with long durability, good drying taste and clean health.

We are offering Raisin Heat Pump Dryer to our clients.

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Fresh grapes can be eaten directly, taste sweet and sour, is a fruit with high nutritional value.In addition to fresh food, it can also be through some advanced professional drying equipment, such as air energy heat pump raisin dryer, after drying and dehumidification made of raisins, taste better, more concentrated nutrition.

Grape dryer is a new type, new energy advanced technology products, but also the current global are very advocated energy-saving products.The raisin dryer can maximize the retention of fruit flavor, color and nutrition, even drying and high product quality, truly achieve automatic operation.Applicable to a wide range of products, is the ideal choice of fruit and vegetable drying equipment.

Raisin Heat Pump DryerRaisin Heat Pump DryerRaisin Heat Pump Dryer


Raisin Heat Pump DryerRaisin Heat Pump DryerRaisin Heat Pump Dryer

The reason to choose Guoxin Grape Dryer:
1.Reasonable structural design
Small footprint, modular combination of installation, convenient disassembly, strong flexibility, easy to move;
2.High efficiency and energy saving
Compared with the traditional electric heating drying equipment, it reduces the power consumption by more than 60% and is not affected by the use of overcast and rainy days;
3.Automatic temperature control
Adopt automatic constant temperature device, ensure the reasonable temperature and humidity required by drying, simple operation without personnel on duty, save labor and time;
4.Factory direct sale
With a professional technical team, sales team, after-sales team, the current users have spread to more than 20 provinces and cities in China and many overseas countries, has accumulated a wealth of drying process, equipment installation and market application experience.

The Technical Parameter Of Grape Dryer:

Model GX-3P GX-8P GX-15P
Heat Pump Size(L*W*H)mm 1800*1000*1070 1800*1000*1300 2150*1260*1620
Drying Room Size(L*W*H)mm 3300*2000*2200 5600*2200*2700 8000*3000*2850
Rated Heating Capacity (kw) 12.25 23.2 49.65
Host Power(kw) 4 7.2 13.9
Electric heating power(kw) 6 12 24
Circulating fan power(kw) 8 x 0.25 12 x 0.25 12 x 0.75
Returning Fan power(kw) / 3 x 0.25 3 x 0.75
Humidity exhausting fan(kw) 1 x 0.25 1 x 0.25 2 x 0.25
Trolley Qty 4 6 15
Trolley size(mm) 810*860*1750 880*1200*1750 880*1200*1750
Tray Qty 96 144 360
Tray Size(mm) 430*730 600*800 600*800
Tray Material PP Polypropylene/Stainless Steel

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