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  • hemp freeze dryer
  • hemp flower freeze drying machine
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Lyophilization Cannabis Hemp Flower Freeze Dryer

Product description:
How many ways are there to dry hemp flowers?We will tell you the most efficient drying method of cannabis hemp flower--freeze drying.

We are offering Lyophilization Cannabis Hemp Flower Freeze Dryer to our clients.

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There are several ways to dry hemp:
1. Traditional hanging drying
This method requires hanging cannabis plants to dry, exposing them to the air for a week or more. Oxidation and terpene loss also occur during such a long drying period. Because terpenes are extremely volatile, even with tightly controlled drying chambers, terpenes can undergo oxidation due to exposure to air. But freeze-dried flowers use the power of sublimation and vacuum to minimize the downsides of drying.
2. Hot air drying
This kind of hot air at a certain temperature is used to dry the hemp through a mesh belt dryer. The drying process is much reduced compared to the traditional drying process, but its processing process is not precise enough. It is suitable for drying large quantities of hemp leaves or stems. Dry.
3. Freeze drying
Freeze-drying is the most advanced drying method available, and it preserves more cannabinoids and terpenes, including THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC, than any other drying method. The dried cannabis flower has good rehydration and oil rehydration, and higher quality difference for further refining. Higher retail prices and more direct-to-market advantages than traditional practices.
What is freeze drying? Freeze drying involves the removal of water through sublimation, rather than evaporation like conventional drying. Freeze dryers bring material to sub-zero temperatures and use a vacuum to draw moisture from the material as it thaws. In this way, water is converted from solid to water vapor. This process is more efficient than the evaporation that occurs when hash or cannabis flowers are left to dry in the open air.

Advantages of Freeze Dried Cannabis Flowers
1. Stabilize compounds found in cannabis for a highly potent and terpene-rich product.
2. Helps to minimize oxidation and eliminate the risk of mold/mildew growth when the flower dries. Mold growth in drying chambers is one of the risks of traditional hanging flower drying.
3. Beautiful/Non-Shrinking - Flowers taken out of the freeze dryer maintain their bright and sturdy look and feel as if they were alive.
4. Production speed and consistency - within 16 to 24 hours.
5. High-quality rehydration and oil rehydration, which is convenient for subsequent refining.
6. Simultaneous drying and curing - Traditional drying requires at least a few weeks of post-curing time in an airtight tank. With freeze-drying, you can dry and cure at the same time.
7. Requires less space than traditional hang drying methods - flowers are cut from branches and laid flat on a tray that slides into the freeze dryer. Traditional drying requires hanging the whole plant upside down in a temperature and humidity controlled room. Freeze dryers take up less space than a full drying chamber.

Contact FD machine GXZG-1 GXZG-2 GXZG-3 GXZG-5 GXZG-10
Chamber dimension L*W(M) Φ0.7×0.7 Φ0.8×0.99 Φ0.9×1.1 Φ1.1×1.2 Φ1.2×1.5
Shelf working areas(m²) 1.1 2 3.2 5 10
Shelf working temp.(℃) —50~+60
Shelf temp. range (℃) ±1
Condenser temp.(℃) —65±5
Condensor water collection (Kg) 12 25 40 60 120
Vacuum degree(Pa) 2 2 2 2 3
Cooling water(below 25℃)
flow rate(T/h)
3 5 5 10 15
Deforesting Waters spray and submergence
Ambient conditions Temp. 5℃~30℃ Relative humidity〈75%
Total power 16 18 25 28 60
Installation area * height
2×2.2 5×2.3 10×2.3 20×2.5 20×2.5

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