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Figs Heat Pump Dryer
  • Figs Heat Pump Dryer
  • Fig Dryer Machine
  • Fig Drying Machine
  • Fig Dehydrator and Dryer
  • Fig Drying Equipment

Fig Drying Machine

Product description:
The dried fig dried by a fig dryer is soft, with a delicate scent, sweet and pleasant, with a water content of about 20%, no insects, no mold, and clean and hygienic.

We are offering Fig Drying Machine to our clients.

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The dried fig dried by a fig dryer is soft, with a delicate scent, sweet and pleasant, with a water content of about 20%, no insects, no mold, and clean and hygienic.

Figs are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. The ripe fresh fruit is very sweet, but it is not easy to store and transport. The dried fig not only has a longer shelf life, but also has a soft and sweet taste, and the dried fruit is small and exquisite. It is described as a gift from nature: "Small Sugar Sugar Steamed Stuffed Bun".

Fig Drying Machine

Drying Method of Figs Dryer Machine:

☞ Figs can be dried whole, or dried after being cut into pieces. The dried figs after being cut have a faster drying time. The key point of using air energy fig dryer is precise controllable temperature, humidity, wind speed and air volume.
☞ The drying time is a little bit long, about 24~30 hours. Use middle temperature drying machine, usual use 60℃. If the temperature uses too high, more sugar will come out. The best is cut into piece to dry.
☞ If dry the whole one, use 80% mature one is the best. The dried fig will regain moisture when they are in direct contact with the air, so a sealed package is required. If you use vacuum packaging, you can better preserve the color and aroma of fig.
Fig Drying Machine

Matching of Fig Dryer with Output:

☆ If the figs are dried whole, it will take longer.
1. First, spread the fruits evenly on a pallet truck, push them into the drying room and dry for 25-30 hours, and then push them out of the drying room for a day in a cool place.
2.Then push it into the drying room for the second drying.
☆ The daily drying capacity of the fig dryer depends on the specifications of the model. The minimum is 600-800 kg per batch, and the maximum is 2000 kg per batch.
☆ If figs are sliced and dried, the drying time is about 10 hours.

The Technical Parameter Of Figs drying machine:

Model GX-3P GX-8P GX-15P
Heat Pump Size(L*W*H)mm 1800*1000*1070 1800*1000*1300 2150*1260*1620
Drying Room Size(L*W*H)mm 3300*2000*2200 5600*2200*2700 8000*3000*2850
Rated Heating Capacity (kw) 12.25 23.2 49.65
Host Power(kw) 4 7.2 13.9
Electric heating power(kw) 6 12 24
Circulating fan power(kw) 8 x 0.25 12 x 0.25 12 x 0.75
Returning Fan power(kw) / 3 x 0.25 3 x 0.75
Humidity exhausting fan(kw) 1 x 0.25 1 x 0.25 2 x 0.25
Trolley Qty 4 6 15
Trolley size(mm) 810*860*1750 880*1200*1750 880*1200*1750
Tray Qty 96 144 360
Tray Size(mm) 430*730 600*800 600*800
Tray Material PP Polypropylene/Stainless Steel

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