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Wood Pellet Mill Biomass Making Machine

Product description:
The GX series pellet making machine produced by Guoxin Machinery absorbs the essence of domestic and foreign pellet making machines. The heart part is a "two-layer mold" with a unique assembly structure. , reasonable structure, energy reduction, long li

We are offering Wood Pellet Mill Biomass Making Machine to our clients.

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The GX series pellet making machine is suitable for pressing materials that are difficult to bond and form, such as: rice husk, sunflower seed husk, peanut shell and other melon and fruit shells; various wood waste such as branches, trunks and bark; various crop straws; rubber , cement, ash and other chemical raw materials. Applied in feed mills, wood processing plants, fuel plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, etc., it is an ideal compression and densification equipment with small investment, quick results, and no risk.

Working principle of biomass pellet making machine:
The biomass pellet machine adopts the interaction principle of the extrusion force between the ring die and the pressure wheel and the friction force of the die hole to shape the material. There is no need to add any additives and binders during the processing of materials. Wooden materials have softening characteristics. When the temperature reaches a certain value, they will soften and the bonding strength will increase. Under pressure, the fiber molecular groups will be dislocated, deformed, extended, and the internal Adjacent biomass particles are recombined and pressed into shape. Biomass pellet making machine mold vertical, vertical feeding, mold static, pressure wheel rotation, material centrifugal, uniform distribution, 360-degree discharge, good energy-saving effect, automatic lubrication system, high-pressure filtration, clean and smooth, independent frequency conversion to ensure particle formation .

Six characteristics of biomass pellet machine
1.Vertical feeding, directly in place
2.The mold is stationary, the pressure wheel rotates, the material is centrifugal, and evenly distributed around
3.Two-layer mold, dual-purpose up and down, cost reduction and efficiency increase; dual-purpose, high-yield and energy-saving
4.Ring mold, vertical structure, good for heat dissipation and cooling in the granulation chamber
5.Independent discharge device to ensure the molding rate of pellets
6.Independent lubrication system, which can realize automatic lubrication without stopping the machine

Model GX 700A GX 600A GX600 GX 560 GX 450
Power (kw)  Host 160 132 110 90 55
Feeder 2.2 1.5 Spindle drive
Electric oil pump 0.37+0.65 0.37
Rotating speed (r/min) 1450
Voltage  (v) 380,3phase,50hz, can be customized as your country.
Pellet size (mm) 4-12
Granulation temperature(℃) 40-80
Original moisture (%) 15-25
Machine weight ( t ) 8 7 6.5 5.6 2.9
Machines dimension (mm) 2460*1400*2000 2200*1200*1750 3100*1300*2100 2300*1250*2000 2160*1000*1850
Ring die inner diameter (mm) 700 600 600 560 450
Capacity (t/h) 2.5-3 2-2.5 1.8-2 1.2-1.5 0.8-1

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