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Bay Leaf Drying Machine System In Syria


For the Bay Leaf Drying System there have more choice for the multi layer mesh belt dryer machine, you can according to your drying capacity and heating source to choose suitable machine. 
We also can provide customize service , can according to your details requirement to design special machine for you.
1. The material of main frame and blocking plate is carbon steel.

2. The mesh material is stainless steel.
3. The speed is synchronized with dryer.
4. With an automatic homogenizer making the material evenly,The material is leveled, so that the material is evenly heated, and the drying effect is better

1: High capacity: the mesh belt dryer has continuous automatic production, fast dehydration speed, short drying time and high output.
2: High quality:material can be maintained full of shape,bright,color.
3: Clean and sanitation : the entire material drying process is completed in a closed box, free from external pollution.
4: Intelligent and controllable: high degree of automation equipment,simple operation.Drying area, air pressure, air flow, drying temperature and belt running speed can be adjust.
5: Wide usage: can be used for material from any field.
6: Flexible heat source selection: coal,wood chips,natural gas,diesel,propane,electricity etc.
7: Flexible mobility, simple installation.