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How To Dry Banana Slice With Drying Room?


On 15th,Oct,Guoxin deliver the banana drying machine to Shanxi Province.

Do you know how to dry banana with drying room?

Processing steps of banana:
(1) Raw materials and treatment
The processing of dried banana raw materials requires a high degree of maturity, that is, to reach the edible maturity, the best time for color, aroma and taste. Green bananas have poor flavor and astringent taste and cannot be processed. Overripe bananas cannot be processed if they are soft and rotten. For raw material processing, first pick up the soft, rotten and diseased bananas and peel them by hand. The cutting method depends on the individual size of the banana. If the individual size is large, it should be cut in half lengthwise. If the individual size is small, it can not be cut.

(2) Color preserving treatment
Banana pulp contains polyphenols. Even mature bananas have polyphenols in their pulp, which will cause browning during processing and storage of finished products. In order to obtain products with good color, color protection treatment should be carried out.
(3) Drying
Bananas are rich in sugar. In the drying process, if the temperature is too high, such as reaching 80 ℃, sugar coking will occur. If the temperature is too low, the baking time will be too long. Both of them do not meet the requirements. Therefore, the drying temperature should be controlled at 60~65 ℃, and the drying should be completed within 18~20 hours. The finished product is required to have a moisture content of 16%.
After drying, most customer will make those dried banana to be powder, we also have milling machine and packing machine.