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How to Use Dryer to Dry Chili Pepper in Large Quantity?


Working Principle Chili pepper dryer 

The chili pepper dryer is using hot air as drying medium,pepper is transported by multi-layers stainless steel mesh belt .The hot air across the mesh belt from the bottom layer to top layer, finally ,the humidity come out from top of the dryer and the dried pepper come out by discharge conveyor. The heat source have electricity,gas,diesel, wood, biomass, boiler. You can choose the one more your convenience and economical for you. 
Including: Feeding conveyor, discharge conveyor, drying box, fan, control panel, heat exchange furnace,burner,connection pipes.

Usage Of chili pepper Dryer:
Drying Machine is widely used for drying of flake,strip and granular with good air permeability,such as:
1, Vegetable:chilli, pepper ,ginger,garlic,tomato,carrot,pumpkin,bean,potatoes ,pumpkin,etc.
3,Herb:yam, mach, bergamot,lotus seed,Lemon ,etc.
4,Flower:lily, honeysuckle,abelmoschus manihot,tea,mulberry leaf,hemp flower,mint, clove,etc.