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Continuous Hemp Dehydrator Dryer Installation Site In Lithuania


Our continuous dryer used for hemp dehydration has been installed in Lithuania. It is mainly used to dry hemp leaves and flowers. The dried product is used to extract cbd and oil. The equipment is currently in operation. The multi-layer circulation flip dynamic drying mode can make the drying of hemp leaves more uniform. The automatic control method ensures the efficient continuous drying of hemp leaves, and the effective ingredients of the dried materials are well retained. Due to the small area of the customer's factory building and the low floor space, our technicians redesigned the layout of the pipes and flue gas emissions according to the customer's site conditions to achieve the best drying effect.

The continuous hemp dehydration dryer uses hot air as the drying medium, and the hot air is sent to the dryer through the induced draft fan to dry the cannabis. The drying process is highly automated. The user only needs to put the cannabis on the conveyor belt, and it can be carried out continuously and uninterruptedly. Drying on the ground, 1-2 people can complete the entire production line operation, no need to manually spread the material, turn the material, the drying cycle is short, save labor and labor, and can meet the needs of rapid drying for large output.