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Mushroom Drying Machine In Shanxi Province Finished iInstallation And Commissioning


The mushroom drying machine in Shanxi Province finished installation and commissioning .

The mushroom drying machine adopts PLC microcomputer intelligent control system, precise temperature control, flexible and convenient, automatic operation, saving labor. It can save 60%-70% of the energy consumption cost. The air energy heat pump is used as the heat source and equipped with a heat recovery system, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has low operating costs.

This is a batch of mushrooms that can be processed over 600 kg,model is GX- 8P,heat pump as heat source ,the drying oven contains 6 trailers and 144 trays . The heat produced by the heat pump enters chamber through the fan, which ensures that the drying environmental and materials are cleaning and free from pollution . Heat pump drying oven can be accurately set the humidity, temperature, time and other parameters, LED touch screen operation, intelligent dryer . Flexible and convenient application to ensure the drying environment and quality of mushroom . The dryer has been in use, running well, in line with the customer's expected capacity and quality, the customer is very satisfied.