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Guoxin electric drying oven


Hot sale electrical drying oven
The electric drying room and high temperature drying room use only temperature control instruments, and the IPD parameters can be adjusted by themselves. The independent console makes the operation and appointment more convenient.
The high-efficiency radiator in the high-temperature drying room is equipped with a reasonable air duct, so that the hot air can directly contact the material, which greatly improves the drying efficiency and saves energy. The inner wall of the drying chamber is made of stainless steel bright plate with excellent heat resistance, and the inner wall is smooth, which can reduce the wear and tear of materials.

Drying is a technical means to make the moisture on the surface of the stream and let other liquids dry and evaporate. Most electric drying rooms and high-temperature drying rooms are suitable for drying various foods and medicinal materials. Therefore, it can also be called a high-temperature food drying room, an electric heating food drying room, and a Chinese herbal medicine drying room.
The electric drying room and the high-temperature drying room are different in name, but they are actually the same drying equipment, with similar internal and external structures. The main difference lies in the detailed technical parameters, which can be discussed and customized for research. Strong variability.