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Chili Continuous Mesh Belt Drying Machine


Chilli continuous mesh belt drying machine is a kind of continuous production drying equipment, the main heating way has electric heating, steam heating, gas heating and coal heating. Its main working principle is to spread the material evenly in the network. The material is moved in the dryer by the operation of the machine, and the hot air draws out the water vapor of the material. so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
The operation temperature is 0-120 degree centigrade. And the dry cycle is 1-5 hours.

It is mainly used for fruit and vegetable, traditional Chinese medicinal materials and other agricultural and sideline products. The equipment easy to operate, save time, drying process health and protect environment.
Working Principle:
The working principle for the Red Chilli mesh belt drying machine is that Red Chilli are transported by the feeding conveyor to the inside of the mesh belt dryer. The Red Chilli passes from the first layer to the last layer via the conveyor belt, and the dried Red Chilli is conveyed by the discharge conveyor. The belt dryer is using hot air as the drying medium. The hot air passes through the material from the bottom to top. The final moisture comes out of the top of the dryer.The drying machine not only according to heat to dry, but also according to strong air. So it can increase the drying efficiency and drying time.
Chili Continuous Mesh Belt Drying Machine Application:
1.Fruit: Almonds, jujube, peanuts, longans, walnut, papaya tablets, apple slices, lemon, hawthorn pills, banana, mango, grape etc.
2. Vegetable: Asparagus, beans, kidney beans, lentils, eggplant, red pepper, chinese prickly ash, black fungus, tremella, papaya tablets, bitter melon, radish, cucumber slices, mushrooms, ginger, garlic,Onion etc.
3. Meat material: Beef, seafood, shrimp, fish, catfish etc;
4. Herbs: Black pepper, cardamon, hemp, cannabis, etc.