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Solid Waste Sorting Equipment
  • Solid Waste Sorting Equipment
  • Solid Waste Sorting Equipment
  • Solid Waste Sorting Equipment
  • Solid Waste Sorting Equipment
  • Solid Waste Sorting Equipment

Solid Waste Sorting Equipment

Product description:
Guoxin designs and manufacturers high-efficiency Solid Waste Sorting Equipment for sale. We can offer to those who want sort and recycle a large amount of municipal solid waste.

We are offering Solid Waste Sorting Equipment to our clients.

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Guoxin Solid Waste Sorting Equipment for Sale

Guoxin Group adopts high-end techniques and reasonable structures to this Solid Waste Sorting Equipment. As a comprehensive Solid Waste Sorting Equipment line, it includes two main parts: waste sorting system and follow-up processing. Firstly the waste will go through separating by various sorting devices. And then they will be sent to a pyrolysis plant or carbonization machine to receive reprocessing. The whole procedure of recycling is safe and fast, making the MSW recycling much easier.

Exceptional Advantages of Guoxin Solid Waste Sorting Equipment

Multiple functions: able to sort different kinds of solid waste
Sanitary: specialized deodorization system; sealed feeding design; de-dusting system
Safe: 24-hour monitoring system
User-friendly design: very easy to transport and install
Flexible structure and customizable: the customers can select different sorting devices according to the types of their municipal solid waste and we can also customize the configuration of the plants to suit their real needs.

Solid Waste Sorting EquipmentSolid Waste Sorting EquipmentSolid Waste Sorting Equipment

Reasonable Solid Waste Sorting Equipment Cost

If you are going to dispose of a large amount of solid waste, you will definitely need a waste processing plant like what we offer. To set up such a plant, you may consider the recycling plant prices.
The cost of a Sorting plant varies in accordance with the design, configuration, energy,and quality. Guoxin’s Solid Waste Sorting Equipment for sale has advanced design and reliable quality, which means you can use it for a much longer time without any worry of outdating.
The whole set of the Sorting plant is automatic, so it can improve working efficiency, so as to save more energy cost for the customers. Besides, we can customize for our customers and they have the right to choose what part they really need and what they don’t freely.It will be very helpful for reducing their cost on this plant.Moreover, some of the customers concern about their cost on time to start a waste recycling business. As for this question, Guoxin has specialized “Turnkey Project” for them and help them to start this business in a short time with high efficiency.In a word, we are capable to provide the most suitable plant with the most reasonableprices for our customers.

The Variety waste of our Solid Waste Sorting Equipment can Separate

Features of comprehensive consideration of living garbage, for effective implementation of rubbish recycling use, the technical scheme of urban living garbage treatment in line with the principle of reduction, harmless and recycling, energy, into the garbage and solid waste comprehensive utilization of complete sets of production line system, through the feeding system, automatic sorting system landfill process system after processing, such as urban living garbage sorting can be used for:
1. Inert non-combustible - stone, sand, ceramics, etc., used for making environmental protection bricks, cement raw materials or landfill;
2. Ferromagnetic metal -- iron wire, iron can head, beer cap, etc., used for recycling;
3. Non-ferrous metals -- cans, aluminum alloy, aluminum, etc., used for recycling;
4. Plastics -- mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, plastic blocks, etc., used for recycling;
5. Surplus combustible material (wood, leather, clothing, rags, etc.) -- Make RDF fuel rods for heating or power generation.

Solid Waste Sorting EquipmentSolid Waste Sorting EquipmentSolid Waste Sorting Equipment

Guoxin Machinery-One of the Reliable Solid Waste Sorting Equipment Manufacturers

Guoxin is one of the leading China Solid Waste Sorting Equipment suppliers in the designs and manufacturing of solid waste Sorting equipment. Over decades, we have provided solutions and services in ecology and recycling and machines for disposing of all the municipal solid waste, industrial waste, household waste, medical waste, and biomass. All of the machines are dedicated to recycling waste into the useful energy for human being’s good.

At the same time, Sorting is a rewarding business, therefore, our high-quality waste sorter units have helped thousands of investors make money constantly in recent years.
Guoxin’s Solid Waste Sorting Equipment has been sold to many places in the world. We alsoestablished branches offices in Europe (Romania), South Africa and Southeastern Asia, etc.Our Sorting machinery will continue benefiting more people in the world. Get more information about our plants from the homepage if you’re interested.

Specifications and Parameters of Guoxin Solid Waste Sorting Equipment for Sale:

Raw materials
Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
5 T/H
Working time
20 hours
20 hours
20 hours

Note: Guoxin provides customizing service for every client who has different needs according to their actual demands.

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