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Heat Pump Fish Dryer
  • Heat Pump Fish Dryer
  • heat pump fish dryer
  • heat pump fish dryer
  • heat pump fish dryer

Heat Pump Fish Dryer

Product description:
The fish dryer for business and company usage, big capacity output. It can dry the catfish, sea cucumber, abalone, anchovy,shrimp, sardine fish.

We are offering Heat Pump Fish Dryer to our clients.

  • Product Description
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Fish heat pump dryer use the ambient air heat transferred to the surface of the material,the surface is wetted and evaporated.fully use natural medium heating to dry ,to achieve ”zero”pollution emissions,energy efficient,safe and environmentally friendly.

the fish drying system basic on heat pump technology and it can control the temperature and mositure automatically, suitable for dried fish, dried shellfish, fish glue, dried squid, shark's fin, abalone, sea cucumber, shrimp and other fish, shrimp, shellfish, algae and other seafood drying.

heat pump fish dryerheat pump fish dryer

heat pump fish dryerheat pump fish dryerheat pump fish dryer

Features Of fish heat pump dryer:

1. The drying process fully meets the food security requirements
2. The chamber has clean and safe conditions,the finished product has good color and lustre;
3,Automatic control, reducing manual and labor intensity;
4,No waste water/exhaust/waste residue in the drying process.The working environment is good and comfortable.
5. Long service life, low running cost and good economy;
6. Automatic control of temperature and humidity; Temperature, humidity in drying process has small fluctuation,drying quality is stable and reliable.

Operating Temperature Range -10℃
Maximum Air Temperature 75℃
Rated Heating Capacity 10.5kw 36kw 22kw 43kw
Draining Capacity 12kg/hr 50 kg/hr 25 kg/hr 50 kg/hr
Host Input Power 2.8 kw 9.6 kw 6.5 kw 13 kw
Host Size(L*W*H) 1675*860*1280(mm) 2120*1330*1553(mm) 1930*1150*1315(mm) 2220*1330*1555 (mm)
Weight Of Host 180kg 459kg 292kg 468kg
Board Room Size(L*W*H) 3500*2100*2200(mm) 8000*2800*2200(mm) 5300*2200*2200(mm) 8400*3000*2200(mm)
Number Of Fans 6 24 8 16
Single Fan Power 0.25 kw
Trolley Size(L*W*H) 1000*750*1750(mm) 1200*875*1750(mm) 1200*875*1750(mm) 1200*875*1750(mm)
Number Of Trolley 4 12 6 12
Trolley Type Integral /Split type
Trolley  Material Galvanized /stainless steel
Tray Size(L*W*H) 730*430*70(mm) 600*800*75(mm) 600*800*75(mm) 600*800*75(mm)
Number Of Trays 96 288 144 288
Tray Material PP polypropylene /304 stainless steel

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