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Mesh belt Continuous Poultry fish feed pellet dryer machine
  • Mesh belt Continuous Poultry fish feed pellet dryer machine

Fish Feed Pellet Dryer Machine

Product description:
We provide a variety of models fish feed dryer to meet your drying needs!

We are offering Fish Feed Pellet Dryer Machine to our clients.

  • Product Description
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The fish feed is hot and humid when it is extruded into pellets, so it cannot be transported and stored immediately, and needs to be dried first.

The multi-layer mesh belt dryer is used to remove the moisture and heat of particles generated during particle generation.

We provide a variety of models fish feed dryer to meet your drying needs!

Working Principle of Fish Feed Dryer:

The feeder spreads the fish feed particles evenly on the mesh belt. The mesh belt moves in the dryer under the drag of the transmission device. The dryer consists of multiple layers of conveyor belts, with each layer circulating independently. The drying process is that the hot air passes through the mesh belt covered with special moisture from the bottom to the top, thus completing the process of heat and mass transfer.

The advantages of Mesh Belt Fish Feed Dryer:

  1. The equipment’s configuration is very flexible. Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.
  2. Air quantity, heating temperature, materials staying time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect.
  3. Ideal for drying feed pellets, grains and etc.
  4. It is commonly used in the low drying speed and long drying time of occasion.
Model(Width*Length) GX1.5-6-4 GX2-8-4 GX2-9-4 GX2-10-4 GX2-12-4
Layers 4
Drying area(㎡) 29 45 51 57 69
Spread thickness of material(mm) 50-200
Working temperature(℃) 0-120
Drying time(hour) 0.1-5
heat exchange furnace(M) 3.2*1*2.7 3.9*1.26*3 3.9*1.26*3 4.7*1.5*3 4.7*1.5*3
Induced draft fan(kw) 11 15 15 22 22
Exhaust fan(kw) 1.5 2.2
Feeding conveyor(kw)     1.5             2.2     2.2     2.2      3
Discharge conveyor(kw) 0.55
Total power(kw) 14.55 19.25 19.95 26.95 27.75
LP gas consumption (90 degree fanrenheit) 20m³/H 25m³/H 28m³/H 30m³/H 36m³/h
Electricity consumption 25kwh 30kwh 35kwh 40kwh 45kwh
Place requirement (W*L*H)M 4.5*14*2.7 5*19*2.8 4.5*20*2.8 5.5*21*2.8 5.5*23*2.8

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